Roxanne May McDonald lives as simple a life as any fifteen year old, she goes to school, studies hard and she has her crush, Brandon to admire from afar. Roxy's world is turned upside down when her beloved Grandfather dies. She is broken hearted and can't imagine her life without her only Granda in it. On the morning of the funeral Roxy gets a surprise, clad in a pair of moccasin slippers her Granda pays her a visit. He's just as shocked as she is, after all who expects to see the ghost of their dead grandfather in their bedroom? Turns out its not just her Granda she can now see, someone seems to have told all the stray ghosts in Aberdeen that Roxy is accepting visitors and she soon finds herself helping a number of lost souls including the sad ghost of Carrie, a girl who was murdered by an old headmaster in Roxy's school. While Roxanne is getting used to her new profession she is asked to give Brandon maths tuition, things couldn't get any better! She can't help but feel that Brandon is flirting with her and as she gets to know him better she senses something is different about him but what is it and why is he constantly eating, i mean constantly?

Haunted Spark Signed Paper Back

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