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June 2022 TBR

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The TBR is still very much a work in progress and one thing is certain from the November TBR 2021 is we possibly had too many books. It has therefore been decided that the JUNE 2022 TBR will be limited to 75 authors. To join you must meet certain critia and be willing to help promote the event.

How does it work?

As an author you will provide the TBR takeover with a link to your book which will be FREE for readers to down load. Your book will be placed in a catalogue alongside the other books in the event and all the authors work together to promote it.

The TBR asks for a voluntary gift contribution for the end of month review competition for people who have reviewed your book. 

Want to be involved? Read on and then sign up!

Joining the TBR as an Author

The TBR is a twice a year event that aims to connect readers to indie and self published authors. It is a free event for both readers and authors and therefore it relies on people sharing and helping to promote it.

Authors that are chosen to be in the catalogue can help by sharing and dueting the event on 

their tiktok account and other media platforms. Some authors do their own videos about the event. To join you must meet the following criteria...

1. Be willing to make your book free for a set period of time in JUNE (usually the first 3 days)

2. Be willing to provide a link to your book so readers can download it.

3. Be willing to provide a minimum of 100 digital copies

4. Be willing to help promote the event regularly.

5. Have a tiktok account to reach the readers that sign up.


The preferred method to reach readers is to make the book free on Kindle for the first 3 days of the event and this certainly has been the best method to date. Readers tend to download all the free kindle books which creates a real buzz as all the TBR books climb up the free book rank rating on amazon. In the November TBR almost ALL 85 books that were made free on kindle ranked in the top ten in their sub-categories with some books in the top 100 of most downloaded on Amazon Kindle. It created a real hype.

If you are not in the kindle unlimited program and do not have access to promotional days on Kindle then other methods are bookfunnel, booksproat etc or a direct link to a google doc.

All links to docs are provided at the Authors risk.

The sign up for authors will officially open in January of 2022 but their is an interest form so you can recieve notification when the form is live. As places will be limited it is imperative that you be willing to adhere to the criteria if you wish to join and I must stress that authors that do not help to share and promote will be removed and replaced with another author so it fair.

For any new authors who havent taken part before the TBR has its own fb author page and chat room where authors connect and share reviews and thoughts and most authors choose to take part as readers too.