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About Nicola Ormerod

I am a 41 year old wife and mother of two boys and I live in the heart of the High Peak district in a little town called Glossop. I am origonaly from Aberdeen in Scotland but I was raised in Lancashire, England. I moved back to aberdeen in 2000 to be nearer to my family and in 2001 began my writing career. Now days I write full time and I also narrate Audio books and make my own book swag too!

In my spare time I love to read anything fantasy and I also like to Game too, mainly minecraft.

2022 will hopefully see the wrap up of two series, the vampire memoirs and the Roxy May series. It will also bring the second Rapientium book, a stand alone werewolf book and a spin off fantasy which is an origin story of Nefeata and Haydrian from the Roxy May books.

There are also plans to see all my current books brought to audio.

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My Works

The Vampire Memoirs

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The first three books in the Vampire Series. Contain lots of spicy adult scenes and books two and three may have some triggers for domestic and sexual abuse.

The Roxy May Series

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The first four books of the Roxy May Series. This series is YA that mildly touches on emotional subjects such as loss and violence.

Rapientium, when the last rose withers.

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Blaze Morgan does not lead the life of a normal seventeen year old. For as long as she remembers, she has seen strange, white, mannequin-like beings. Scared of being locked away, she keeps her secret to herself until one day, at the scene of a gruesome accident, she sees how these beings are created. Blaze discovers she is part of an ancient Order of Watchers. They guard the earth against the Rapientium, or Raptors for short. They feed on human souls, and the shell that is left behind are the Taken. Blaze discovers a whole new magical world, and she is to be part of it. Something, though, lingers in the background. A prophecy of a girl born with fire in her eyes that will bring about the end of chaos, or the end of the world…

When the last rose withers, a great war will come.

NA fantasy romance that touches on loss, violence, depression and anxiety.

Stand alone novelettes.

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The Dream Chronicals

Very Spicy short reads. Some contain group sex, and BDSM scenes.

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